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Prospect Awards is the Northern Ireland Curator of the Community Development National Occupational Standards.  It’s their natural home with Anna Clarke co-authored in  the writing of the standards and authored the Guide to the CDNOS. We are delighted that Anna is also a board member of the International Association of Community Development and also co-wrote the International Standards. 

Prospect Awards is a Learning Design and Development Agency focused on Community Development, Learning and Governance.  Prospect Awards CIC is the only Awarding Organisation in the UK and Ireland specialising in Community Development.  We look forward to working with you and encouraging each other on our Learning Journey.   On these pages, you will be able to access the CDNOS along with useful and relevant standards, check out our blog and sign up to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with our work.

And don’t forget as we are midway between L/Derry and Belfast, you could always call in! 😉 to ‘The Studio’ on the Garrison Road.  We look forward to seeing you here or in one of our webinars featuring the CDNOS.


The complete Community Development National Occupational Standards (CDNOS)

Written in 2015 in a project spanning the UK and Ireland, the CDNOS are a key tool in Community Development and Learning across the UK and Ireland.


A guide to using the Community Development National Occupational Standards

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CDNOS Tree Poster

The standards illustrated as a tree.  Key Area 1 is the trunk of the tree, the values of Community Development are its roots and key areas 2-6 are the branches and the standards as leaves.  It’s a very handy resource


2015 Standards summarised in a four-page A3 foldover

A handy four page summary of the 2015 Standards with the Values outlined, together with the Key Areas and Standards and the long term processes of community development


International Standards for Community Development Practice

This paper co-authored by Anna provides the basis for shared international standards for community development practice.  It presents the key themes and areas common across community development practice, wherever that practice may take place


Scottish Standards for Community Engagement

The National (Scottish) Standards for Community Engagement are good-practice principles designed to improve and guide the process of community engagement.

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Prospect Awards offers coaching, mentoring, training, organisational development, learning design, qualifications, practitioner support and programme management in our area of expertise – Community Development, drawing on the CDNOS 2015, the International Standards and the Scottish Engagement Standards.  Reach out and we can help.

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