Development Award Centre Approval

We look forward to working with you on your learning journey.  This sort of partnership is what we love to do and work at – thank you! 

Centre Approval is required to offer Prospect Awards Accreditation.  

Development Award Centre Approval

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Focussed on delivering solutions that work for you, we offer flexible accreditation designed to support your learning journey.

We have highlighted the key areas of Centre Approval and if you are ready to go!  then please click on the button below and it will take you the application form.  

Scope and Purpose

If you would like help on creating your development award then please contact us, or we can create a bespoke one for you


Here you agree to applying appropriate and secure assessment and verification procedures and access to our quality assurance team

Physical Resources

Once you have submitted your application, we will send you a link to PLAZA to input your resources details

Policy & Procedures

You will need a range of policies in place, details are in the centre approval guide below and in the Terms of Service page 


When you click on ‘I have read and accept the Terms’ you are authorising your Centre Approval application to be sent to us and we will be in touch!

Prospect Decision

We review your application, send you a link to PLAZA and then we begin the next phase, getting your course ready for learners.

Centre Approval Guide

All approvals are conducted via PLAZA for Centre Approval. To begin the process contact us at Prospect Awards and reach out and let us know you are interested in working with us on your Learning Journey


What information do I have to provide for regulated qualification approval?

You need to complete the online approval form.  You can pick up more information on our training and event page.

Do you offer any training and support?

We do!.  We have some information available on this site, in particular, check out our training and support page.  We are also bringing forward on-line video-based training for Tutors, Quality Assurance and Centre Administration amongst others.  Check out our training and support page and also check out our guidebooks in PLAZA

What information do I have to provide for Development Awards?

You need to complete the online approval form, and you need to have in place a set of learning outcomes and assessment criteria.  For more information on check out our training and support page and the guide book available in PLAZA

Can I still access your qualifications and accreditation if I'm not an approved centre?

No – sorry!  You need to be an Approved Centre, but if you don’t think that suits you, then check out our FAQ on Prospect Awards Learning – a support service that will manage your learning and development for you and your team.  There is a fee for this service.

How do I access and use PLAZA?

PLAZA our cloud-based Centre Management system is accessible Here.  When you first become a centre, your Centre Administrator is sent a link to activate your account.  To access PLAZA you need to contact your centre administrator who will issue you with a password.

What information do I have to provide for Endorsed Programmes?

You need to complete the online approval form, and you need to have in place a training programme that we can review prior to endorsement.    For more information on check out our training and support page and the guide book available in PLAZA.

What is Prospect Awards Learning or PAL?

PAL is our managed learning and development service.  If you don’t want to be an approved centre but still want to offer Prospect Awards qualifications and accreditation, then we can provide that service for you via PAL.  This is a fee-based service where we, design, manage and deliver the training and assessment for you via one of our team or associates.  Check out our PAL page for more information

Free Training

Centre & PLAZA Administration; Assessor Training; Tutor Training; Internal Quality Assurance Training- details available soon – all on line and available via our Yourtube Channel also

Other Services

As a Learning Design and Development Agency, focused on Community, Learning and Governance, we have a range of other services to help your learning journey.

Ready to get started?

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Development Awards Centre Approval Form

To proceed with the Development Award – Centre Approval process, please complete the personal/organisational details parts of this form and then click to agree that you have read and accepted the terms of service for Development Award Centre Approval.  We look forward to working with you on your learning journey and will be back in touch usually within 24 hours.  Thank You!

Development Awards Centre Approval also give you access to offering Prospect Awards Endorsed Programmes.  If you wish to offer regulated qualifications then please use the Regulated Centre Approval Form here. Thank you for your interest in Prospect Awards CIC.

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