Development Awards

Development Awards are part of our accreditation services.  The design of the award, which can be of any size, looks at your learning and development needs as a centre.

Development Awards are for Groups, Businesses, Communities and Organisations who require an accredited programme with some assessment but do not require a qualification that is fully assessed.

Standards based

We encourage all centre to based their Development Awards upon external national standards, but his isn’t an essential requirement.

Main Criteria

For Development Awards are; what you want to teach, and how you want to assess it.  Our job is to help you design it.  You teach and assess it and subject to successful External Quality Assurance (EQ) we accredit your learners achievements.

The Process

Development Awards use the same building blocks for Learning Design as Prospect Qualifications.  The major difference between the two is that the assessment requirement for Development Awards is a lighter touch.  In a Development Award, we require a minimum of one learning outcome to be assessed.  Depending on the size of the Award we may require more.

Quality Assured

This means you can develop and teach your award, apply the light touch assessment and deliver to your learners a focused quality learning experience.    A Development Award is subject to both your Internal Quality Assurance and Prospect Awards External Quality Assurance process.   

How to get started

To begin the process of pulling together your ideas, download our Guide to Prospect Development Awards or contact us on the form below.  The Guide  sets out in a tabulated format a series of questions for you to consider in initiating an internal discussion on what sort of learning you want and how you might assess it.  

Use our online form

If you prefer, click on this box and it will take you to a google form.  In this form, you can insert your learning outcomes and assessment criteria.  You can submit it to us and we will upload it to PLAZA for you and contact you to help refine if necessary and guide where we can. Fantastic! We look forward to sharing your learning journey!


Development Awards

This guide outlines what is needed for Development Award Approval






Development Awards



Guide to Assessment

A guide to assessing Prospect Qualifications and Development Awards


Templates for Development Award and Endorsed Programme Approval

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