Endorsed Programmes

Endorsed Programmes are part of our accreditation services.  The design of the programme which will usually be around one day’s training focuses  on your organisational needs and the individual course

Endorsed Programmes are for Groups, Businesses, Communities and Organisations who want an accredited programme that does not require any summative or terminal assessment. It recognises the course, checking it meets several key quality criteria.  It does not certify individual achievement.   It’s aim is to support smaller chunks of training that focus on the input by the organisation and the team.

Standards based

We encourage all centre to based their Development Awards upon external national standards, but his isn’t an essential requirement.

Main Criteria

The design of the Programme, which is usually about one day  looks at your development needs as a centre, what it is you want to achieve with your learning and what you want your learners to take away from the learning offered

The Process

Endorsed Programmes use the same building blocks for Learning Design as Prospect Qualifications and Development Awards.  The major difference between Development  Awards and Endorsed Programmes is that there is no formal summative or terminal assessment required in an Endorsed Programme.  The learning and structure of the programme, the inputs, the resources, the team, are key features of recognition for your course for Prospect Endorsed Programmes.  We focus on the organisation and the programme with regard to our External Quality Assurance not the specific assessment of individual students

Quality Assured

Our quality checks in an Endorsed Programme focus on the organisational outcomes for the programme and the learning outcomes for the programme itself and not the assessment of individual students. As such evaluation of the programme by the participants and by the programme team is crucial,  as this feeds into the External Quality Assurance for the programme applied by Prospect Awards CIC


How to get started

To begin the process of pulling together your ideas, download our Guide to Prospect Development Awards or contact us on the form below.  The Guide  sets out in a tabulated format a series of questions for you to consider in initiating an internal discussion on what sort of learning you want and how you might assess it.  

Use our online form

If you prefer, click on this box and it will take you to a google form.  In this form, you can insert your learning outcomes and assessment criteria.  You can submit it to us and we will upload it to PLAZA for you and contact you to help refine if necessary and guide where we can. Fantastic! We look forward to sharing your learning journey!


Endorsed Programme

This guide outlines what is needed for Endorsed Programme Approval


Templates for Development Award and Endorsed Programme Approval






Endorsed Programmes



Guide to Assessment

A guide to assessing Prospect Qualifications and Development Awards

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