I am presenting at the conference on Monday 15th February.  Please see my Poster below

Challenging the Digital Divide For Adults experiencing Learning Disabilities

5.3 million adults in the UK (ONS, 2019) did not access the internet once during a three month period and of those 5.3 million,56%, nearly 3 million, are disabled, a much higher proportion as a whole of disabled adults in the UK population. The recognition of this imbalance in open access is shared by The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.5 (UNESCO, 2015)  that aims to ensure; ‘access to all levels of education and vocational training…including persons with disabilities’; and the European Union of Supported Employment (EUSE.), (European Union of Supported Employment, 2010), their aim is to facilitate the development of innovative and good practice in the field of Supported Employment.  This is a link to the conference website

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