Using Plaza

Centre management for Prospect Awards is based upon the use of our Cloud-Based Centre Management Service Plaza.  It is the key to ensuring your quality assurance requirements and ours meet effectively to support your learning journey.  These events are usually done on a 1-1 or group Webinar basis over the… Read more


An introduction to assessment for assessors who are new or who require an update on assessment methodology and perspectives as we employ them at Prospect Awards.  In this session, we look at assessment, effective assessment and evidence.  We examine different types of evidence and how they can be effective for… Read more

Internal Quality

An introduction to managing Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)  for Prospect Awards Qualifications, Customised Courses and endorsed Programmes.  This is an event for those responsible in a centre for either Internal Verification, Internal Moderation or Internal Examination, we bring these under the banner of Internal Quality Assurance.  We look at the… Read more

Further Information

For further information please click on the link above to read more about the event.  If you wish to book on an event or a 1-1 please contact us via our HelpDesk and we will contact you within 24 hours. To access a recorded webinar please go to our YouTube page.