Endorsed Programmes

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Endorsed Programmes

Prospect Endorsed Programme is a learning and development accreditation service offered by Prospect Awards CIC for learning that focuses on the organisation and the course.  It is not subject to formal assessment for students.  Endorsed Programmes are for Groups, Businesses, Communities and Organisations who want an accredited programme that does not require any summative or terminal assessment. It recognises the course, checking it meets several key quality criteria.  It does not certify the individual achievement.   Its aim is to support smaller chunks of training that focus on the input by the organisation and the team.

The design of the Programme, which is usually less than 30 hours,  looks at your development needs as a centre, what it is you want to achieve with your learning and what you want your learners to take away from the learning offered.    We encourage all centres to base their Endorsed Programme upon some form of external National Standards or Standards-based Criteria, but this isn’t a requirement. 

For many of our Qualifications, Awards or Endorsed Programmes we use the Community Development National Occupational Standards.   You can access the CDNOS from our DownLoad Centre.  

The main criteria for  Endorsed Programmes, like Customised Awards are, what you want to teach, how you plan to teach it and how you expect your learners to use their learning experience.  What will they do with the learning?  Our job is to help you put all those pieces together and design it.  We can also assist in its teaching, support and evaluation if you wish.  You develop and teach it and subject to successful External Quality Assurance (EQA), i.e., individual programme approval and an annual organisational review,  we Accredit your Programme and issue an Endorsed Programme Certificate of Participation to each learner.

The Process

Endorsed Programmes use the same building blocks for Learning Design as Prospect Qualifications and Customised Awards.  The major difference between Customised Awards and Endorsed Programmes  is that there is no formal summative or terminal assessment required in an Endorsed Programme.  The learning and structure of the programme, the inputs, the resources, the team, are key features of recognition for your course for Prospect Endorsed Programmes.  We focus on the organisation and the programme with regard to our External Quality Assurance not the specific assessment of individual students.



In a Prospect Qualification all the Learning Outcomes, i.e. the whole qualification is assessed against a range of specified Assessment Criteria built into the qualification by us. In a qualification, you usually have the flexibility to choose your form of assessment, but you have no flexibility about assessing ALL the assessment criteria.  In a Customised Award, it is a lighter touch assessment requirement, focusing on specific learning outcomes not all for assessment. In an Endorsed Programme, there is no requirement for assessment of individuals.

Quality Assurance

In an Endorsed Programme, like any learning, formative assessment- checking that learning is taking place is something we expect to see in any learning programme.  However in an Endorsed Programme, formal summative assessment or terminal assessment,  checking to see if the student has met assessment criteria,  is not a requirement.

Our quality checks in an Endorsed Programme focus on the organisational outcomes for the programme and the learning outcomes for the programme itself and not the assessment of individual students.  As such evaluation of the programme by the participants and by the programme team is crucial,  as this feeds into the External Quality Assurance for the programme applied by Prospect Awards CIC


Our Foot Print

At Prospect Awards, we specialise in Community, Learning and Governance and at least 40% of the content of the Endorsed Programme would need to fall into this ‘footprint’.  Standards that link to our work can be accessed in the DownLoad Centre. 

This means you can develop and teach your award, apply the quality assurance criteria and deliver to your learners a focused quality learning experience.    A Prospect Endorsed Programme is subject to both your Internal Quality Assurance and Prospect Awards External Quality Assurance process.


How to Apply

To offer Prospect Endorsed Programme you need to be a Prospect Approved Centre.  To begin that journey please go to our HelpDesk and tell us what your want to do and we will call you back and email you some information.  We will also email you with details of how to access PLAZA our Cloud-based Centre Management Service.  All approvals are managed online.   

To begin the process of pulling together your ideas, download our Guide to Prospect Endorsed Programmes at our DownLoad Centre.   This sets out a series of questions for you to consider in initiating an internal discussion on what sort of learning you want and how you might deliver it

You will also find in the DownLoad Centre a range of materials, level indicators, assessment verbs, a Prospect Endorsed Programme Template and other materials and links to assist in your preparation.