Prospect Qualifications

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Mentoring & Befriending

Level 2 is aimed at practitioners and volunteer mentors and befrienders, who are primarily taking up mentoring or befriending roles.  An interactive qualification usually delivered over a couple of days it’s highly practical and focused on building the skills mentors and befrienders use in their work or volunteer capacity.  For more information… Read more

Train the Trainers

Level 3 – aimed at practitioners designing and delivering community-based training.  A practically focused development plan that aims to provide the key skills to take forward a community-based learning programme. For more details contact us at our HelpDesk. Read more

Facilitation Skills

A level 2 qualification in facilitation skills for practitioners who are working with groups in an informal setting or volunteers working with a group or a community.  Highly practical this programme is focused on the skill to deploy to be ale to facilitate a group in a community setting Read more

Engaging Communities

Level 2 & 3  and 4 to come aimed at Community members, workers, and managers who need to get a handle on community engagement and make it work. Focusing on Community Activists and Community Members  to assist them in responding to the changing nature of engagement and participation in Community Settings… Read more

Qualification Development

Our focus at Prospect Awards for Qualification Development is on  Community – Learning – Governance.  We develop our qualifications with stakeholders based on identified needs and informed by relevant national and international standards using our own Learning Design methodology.

All of our qualifications handbooks can be found at our DownLoads Centre here. If you are already an approved centre then please log into PLAZA (our cloud-based Centre Management Service) to secure approval for these qualifications.    If you aren’t an approved centre but are interested in offering or delivering our qualifications, Customised Awards or Endorsed Programmes then please click the link Here to go to our Centre Approval page or on the link below to be taken to our HelpDesk to request further information on how to become a Prospect Approved Centre.

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In our Learning Design process, we use 7 Major steps to ensure that our qualifications are fit for purpose as vehicles for learning.  To ensure rigour and quality assurance in that process we use PLAZA, our Centre Management Service as our development tool.  We put each qualification through over 300 steps to ensure that what you seek to deliver to your Students and Learners is a product designed to meet their needs.  Click on the link below to help make your learning journey better, and reach out ot us via our HelpDesk we will be back in touch inside 24 hours.