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Community Development Standards

The Community Development Standards emerged out of a collaborative activity between organisations across the United Kingdom and Ireland.  With the closure of several of those organisations,  Prospect Awards CIC as a major part of its Community Focus decided to support the development, maintenance and uptake of the Community Development National Occupational Standards.  Also as an aspect of our Social Enterprise, we undertook to support this work  as an accrediting agency for the CDNOS and to seek to become an Ofqual Regulated Awarding Organisation to raise the profile of CDNOS based qualifications.

Anna Clarke, our Director for Communities, was a member of the team that wrote the current CDNOS, and wrote the 55 Page Guide to the 2009 Standards which is available in our DownLoad Centre as is a copy of the CDNOS. Anna is currently working on an update for the 2015 Standards which will be available on our DownLoad Centre.  Following this will be a range of E-Books all focusing on different parts of the Standards.  These will be available via Amazon and in our DownLoad Centre

Community Development Solutions

Community Development Solutions are products  we offer based on the Community Development Standards.  These focus upon using the CDNOS to support Organisational Development, Governance, Community Planning and Community Engagement

Community Development Services

Community Development Services is our feature rich offering of  a range of consultancy, training, project management, action learning, Web Based IT and communication and engagement services in Community Development, Governance, and Learning.