Community Development Solutions

Standards Based Progression

Based on the Community Development National Occupational Standards, these solutions focus upon using the Standards as a proactive tool and resource  to support Organisational Development, Community Planning, Engagement and Community Development Practice.  We develop these solutions alongside our Governance, Learning and Accreditation services in order to provide a better service to our customers, stakeholders and users.


Community Development Standards Mapping

Wondering what Community Development Standards Mapping looks like?  The process can be as simple or as detailed as you need it to be.  The starting point is a conversation where we agree the purpose and scope of what you want to map.  You can map your work across all or some of the six Key Areas in the Standards, or even simply to specific Standards.  You are in the driving seat!  Once we have agreed the focus then we customise your process using a range of our products to meet your needs. 


Firstly, we create a Standards audit tool for you to complete. This is a facilitated process and we will take you and your team through this to ensure you gain maximum benefit. 

  • During this auditing stage, we will generate evidence to support the strengths identified and the areas you feel need attention.
  • Together we will identify ideas, solutions and actions that you can employ to build on the strengths and address the gaps/areas for development
  • From here we will produce an action plan underpinned by the CDNOS, enabling you to strengthen your community development assets,
  • You begin to implement your action plan, based on shared vision and values and with renewed focus
  • Together we review and evaluate and continue to plan.


Who is Mapping for ?

The process we employ draws on all 6 Standards and is devised to support

  • Community development workers and community activists
  • Individuals and organisations adopting a community development approach in their work
  • Employers of community development practitioners
  • Community development education and training providers
  • Funders of programmes and projects
  • Development and delivery of strategic plans
  • Evaluation of community development practice
  • CSR Development for Government and Business

Engaging Communties

Aimed at Public Sector and Voluntary and Community organisations, this solution looks at how to engage fully with Community Planning and Engagement Processes including establishing your own to increase levels for Community Involvement, Impact, Trust and Communication Flow within and between organisations and communities.  

We help build a planning and 

  • Outreach
  • Consult
  • Involve
  • Collaborate
  • Shared Leadership

Engagement, consultation, collaboration, participation in and between communities, government and business is key to successful development.  We can help, contact us via our HelpDesk to chat through what you want and how we can help.  We can help.


Stronger Community Development Assets

We view assets as people including their knowledge, skills, ideas and relationships, the benefit arising from collaboration, groups and organisations and physical assets such as land, buildings, equipment and resources.

Using the CD Standards to shape what we do, we support the development of community assets.  We are able to with you :-

  • design inclusive community-based research and engagement processes which ensure strong community input into the design of programmes and services
  • facilitate strategic planning for teams and organisations to build shared vision and values and ensure that plans are underpinned by the Standards 
  • map individual and team roles, projects and organisational activities to the Standards to ensure effective, value based practice
  • evaluate roles, teams, projects and organisations using the standards to identify strengths and areas for development based on a commitment to action, reflection and learning

  • review and co-design grant programmes and processes to strengthen community development practice at programme and community levels
  • design projects, programmes and  organisational development routes to meet your community development objectives
  • build qualifications and learning programmes linked to both the standards and your learning requirements

We can work with you, using our products, and help you strengthen your community development assets and maximise the potential.