Centre & Qualification Approval

Are you an existing Centre with Prospect Awards and wish to apply for Qualification or Course Approval? 

If Yes, then please go to PLAZA our On-Line Qualification and Course Approval Centre. Here you can secure approval for:

  • Prospect Qualifications
  • Prospect Customised Courses
  • Prospect Endorsed Programmes

Are you interested in offering a Prospect Qualification or Customised Course or Endorsed Programme? Then you need to become a Centre with Prospect Awards CIC.

If you are NOT an existing Prospect Awards Centre but either want to become one or are thinking about it and want some more information then please complete the enquiry form HERE. Or check out our Approval page for more information on the process.

This enquiry will wing itself to us, and we will respond within 24 Hours.  The response will usually include a personalised link to Access PLAZA  our On-Line Centre, Qualification and Course Approval Centre so you can begin your learning journey with Prospect Awards as soon as possible.

Centre Approval Process.  

To become an approved centre you complete the on-line documentation at the link to PLAZA that we send to you.   Confirm you have a range of policies in place and we can help with those. We may make a visit to your centre during this process and then subject to a range of checks we will either approve you to award Prospect Qualifications, Customised Courses, or Endorsed Programmes or ask you to provide additional information to assist us with our decision.  Should we decide not to approve you as a centre we will inform you in writing.  

Do you have a General Enquiry?

If you have accessed this page by accident but you want to ask us a question about your learning journey, then please click on this link to take you to our HelpDesk and enquiry page.