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Prospect Connect 

Prospect Connect is our Customer Support and Communication Centre, our Customer Support Enquiries, our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and our contact details.  This page also houses our Centre Administration support, our downloads section, and links to our newsletter and our Support Forum and this is also where we will link to or Fees and Pricing notices.

Customer Support Enquiry

To submit an enquiry please complete the form below.  If you have already registered on this site or Prospect Dialogue or Prospect Learn then please complete your Log In Details and you will be able to submit a Support Ticket.  Your login profile will retain a history of your questions for you to review going forward.  We will aim to respond within 24 hours, with a telecall were useful as well as a written response.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before submitting a query, you may wish to check out our Frequently Asked Questions.  This is added to dynamically by questions that other customers and stakeholders ask.

Support Forum

The Support Forum is a location for asking questions and advice from other users.  the Support Forum is a useful place to ask a question outside our normal office hours Mon-Fri 9-4 (GMT).  The Support Forum is moderated by members of our Support Team and they may drop in outside normal operating hours.

Contact Details

Details of out email, telephone and postal address can be found here, together with our Skype and Google Hangouts addresses, and a map to our Head Office.  

Download Centre

The Download Centre is the location of useful and relevant documents and also includes our Occasional White Papers and our Policy Commentaries.  All details regarding Centre Administration can be found on PLAZA.  Our cloud-based Centre Administration and Registration and Certification Centre.

Fees & Prices

Prices for all of our Accreditation products can be found here.  Fees for other services will vary depending on a whole range of factors like length of your project, is it hours, days, weeks, months or years in scope.  How many of our team are required and for how long? These factors vary with all projects, and so whatever fee we agree will alter.  Depending on the nature and type of project our Daily Rates will vary from £150 per day for administrative-type activities to £500 per day for professional and development projects.