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Prospect Pricing October 2017 (Under Review).

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Thanks for stopping by, if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our HelpDesk.  All prices are exclusive of VAT.  These charges refer to Prospect Awards own awards and qualifications.

What We Charge For

Annual Centre Recognition Fee £150 + VAT

This is applicable to all customers.  It is applied once Centre Approval has been secured and each anniversary thereafter.  It covers Prospect Awards support for External Quality Assurance, Centre Risk Assessment, access to our unit and qualification library, curriculum and development advice, customised accreditation support.  We price our qualifications and accreditation products based on the regulator concept of Total Qualification Time (TQT) the notional or approximate time it would take an ‘average’ learner to complete the programme of learning.  It could be less, it could be more, it doesn’t matter really how long it takes your learner to complete.

Accreditation and Qualifications (All prices exclusive of VAT)

Includes Registration, certification, External Quality Assurance + VAT

  • Prospect Customised Awards with TQT up to 30 hrs          £11.67
  • Prospect Customised Awards with TQT 31-60hrs                £17.50
  • Prospect Customised Awards with TQT  61-90hrs               £25.00
  • For longer Customised Awards please contact us


  • For Endorsed Programme Certification up to TQT 30hrs – £10.  For longer programmes please contact us.

Prospect Qualifications

  • Registration, certification, External Quality Assurance,
  • Prospect Qualifications with TQT up to 30 hrs       £16.67
  • Prospect Qualifications with TQT 31-60hrs             £20.83
  • Prospect Qualifications  with TQT  61-90hrs           £25.00
  • Prospect Qualifications with TQT 91-120 hrs          £29.17
  • Prospect Qualifications with TQT 121-200 hrs        £33.33
  • Prospect Qualifications with TQT 201-280hrs         £37.50
  • Prospect Qualifications  with TQT 281-360hrs        £41.67


Community Development, Learning and Governance Products and Services please contact us via our HelpDesk for more information.

What We Don’t Charge For

NO fee for

Undertaking Centre Approval process, regardless of whether you become a centre or not.

  • Access to PLAZA
    our OnLine Centre Management System and Registration and Certificate System
  • Access to Prospect Dialogue, our Social Sharing and Learning Platform
  • Access to online training and Webinars
  • Curriculum planning and development advice
  • General support and advice
  • Visits from your Account Management Team
  • Access to Prospect Awards nationally available qualifications
  • Prospect Qualification Approval,
  • Customised Awards Approval
  • Endorsed Programme Approval.

Annual Centre Fee £150+VAT per annum,  for  centres with an existing awarding body – 1st Year Annual Centre Fee FREE; 

Our prices are revised in April each year for introduction on 1st July each year

Avoidable Charges (Exclusive of VAT)

The following charges are avoidable, but we may also charge

A fee for late registrations (registration should be within 15 working days of commencing programme, £15.00 per learner)

A fee for additional quality monitoring visits beyond those included in your annual charge at £300 per day or £160 per Half Day

A replacement certificate fee (£25)