Supercharge Your learning with Prospect Awards CIC Professional Development and Community Accreditation

Different, groups, businesses and organisations need different forms of accreditation.  At Prospect Awards we have a flexible solution designed to meet your needs, whether it is for Professional Development or an endorsement of your training programme or a development award for a customer

Qualifications and Accreditation Services

Nationally regulated qualifications, Development Awards, Endorsed Programmes and Prospect Awards Learning,

Regulated Qualifications

National Qualifications based upon national and international standards in Community Development, Learning and Governance.  Fully internal assessment and verification, and externally verified.

Development Awards

Flexible accreditation based on your needs as a centre.  Usually around 10-30 hours of guided learning with a light touch assessment and Externally Verified by us prior to certification.

Endorsed Programmes

External accreditation of a training programme for centres that don’t require assessment.  We review the quality of the provision and externally review the programme at least once a year.

Prospect Awards Learning

Not all organisations want to manage or deliver their own learning programmes.  This is were PAL comes in.  We can design, deliver and manage your learning programme for you.


PLAZA manages Centre Approval, Qualification Approval, Quality Assurance and External Verification and Registration and Certification of Learners.

Tutor and Centre Training

Over the coming year we will be bringing you training videos in using PLAZA, Tutor and Assessor Training and Internal Quality Assurance.

Thanks for sharing this document. I think it is a great idea to develop award criteria around engagement practices. It is so much more than putting an advert in a paper and hoping people turn up


Having reviewed them I would support them as being of value and benefit to people working in and with communities’


They will create a cadre of practitioners who will be in a superb position to support people working in and with communities’


Elevate your Learning

Our work demands and our partners demand high-level capability and commitment to a value-based focus on our work.   With wide-ranging and senior experience across adult, community and vocational learning, community development and governance, we believe we can add value to your work

Ready to get started?

Get in touch and we will start your centre approval process.  There is No Fee for Centre or Qualification or Accreditation Approval.

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