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New Products Coming Soon

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Community Development Standards Asset Lab (CDSAL)

For customers who wish to work with and develop individuals, teams, communities, using the Community Development National Standards.  We review against each Standard, Key Area and Value. This means that every team, community or organisation can tailor their path through the Community Development Standards,  and focus on just one standard in one key area or undertake a comprehensive accreditation review using  all six Key Areas.

Engaging Communities Together (ECT)

Customers looking for assistance, support, and advice on Community Engagement, Consultation & Planning.  Our focus here is both on working with and engaging with communities using the Learning for Change Engagement Model.  This is focused on an ‘engagement escalator’ moving from consultation to full community involvement in decision making.

Governance on-line Development Initiative (GOLDI)

For customers who want to improve the design, delivery and implementation of good governance across their community group, charity, public sector body, or any community or business focussed organisation.  We can provide learning and development in Good Governance, but importantly we can support it through a Cloud-Based IT system, that’s easy to manage and engage with