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Understand and Practice Community Development

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Key Area One (Core) has been designed as the core or underpinning Key Area and applies to all community development practitioners. This Key Area concerns itself with: the knowledge, skills and values needed to practise effective community development; articulating the usefulness and purpose of community development; practice; developing the trust of others in community development practitioners and practice;  using collective approaches to taking decisions and actions within communities. Key Area 1 includes:

Standard 1: Integrate and use the values and process of community development to support your work

Standard 2: Recognise and work with the tensions inherent in effective community development practice

Standard 3: Relate to different communities in meaningful practice

Standard 4: Develop yourself as a community development practitioner

Standard 5: Maintain community development practice within own organisation

Standard 6: Use and support inclusive and collective working in your own practice and in your organisation or group